About us

Juan Calvillo and his wife Ana María started their family business here when they were young and after much struggle and sacrifice they managed to gain a lot of prestige in the Sierra de Cádiz offering the most gastronomic and leisure offer and Aparthotel in the village of El Bosque.
Following the legacy of the Calvillo family, the business is currently under the management of his son Horacio Calvillo who, together with his family and a good group of people with a lot of experience, makes all our customers feel at home and enjoy home cooking and a wider gastronomic offer here in the mountains of Cadiz.

Our History and Legacy

SINCE 1972

Our History

We are honoured to share the inspiring story behind the Juan Calvillo Family Business. This company has its roots in the dedication and perseverance of Juan Calvillo and his wife Ana María, who began their entrepreneurial journey in their youth. After years of hard work and sacrifice, they managed to forge a respected and prestigious name in the beautiful Sierra de Cádiz, offering a varied gastronomic offer and an Aparthotel in the charming village of El Bosque.

The road to success was full of challenges, but Juan and Ana Maria's passion and commitment never wavered. Their vision of providing exceptional dining experiences and quality accommodation in the region became a reality, becoming a benchmark in the community.

Today, we are honoured to carry on the legacy of the Calvillo family. The company is under the capable leadership of his son, Horacio Calvillo, who along with his own family and an experienced staff, works tirelessly to ensure that each of our customers feel at home. We are committed to providing a welcoming atmosphere where you can enjoy authentic home cooked food and a wide variety of dining options in the heart of the Sierra Gaditana.

Our aim is to provide our guests and diners with memorable and unique experiences. Tradition and hospitality are the cornerstones of our family business, and we look forward to sharing our passion for good food and exceptional service with each of you.

We deeply appreciate your confidence in the Juan Calvillo Family Business and we look forward to welcoming you to our establishment, where history, quality and warmth are intertwined to create special moments that will live on in your memory.